Agricultural Research and Development

SL AGRO's research and analysis team devise innovative farming potentials and possibilities for the future. Our Research and Development (R&D) meets the challenges farmers face by providing them with crop protection and seeds innovations that are sustainable and safe for people and the environment.

For our innovations to benefit all, we must contribute to the sustainability of our planet by helping to address a complex and interconnected set of global challenges. SL Agro provides safe, healthy, and nutritious foods, which meet consumer's changing expectations and tastes.

We indeed help farmers adapt to extreme weather conditions caused by climate change, as well as mitigate the carbon emissions from agriculture. We also support farmers in counteracting soil erosion and biodiversity losses.

How do we do that? Through research!

Our research specifics is to design and improve the way crops should grow and be protected in all situations. We are also continuously brainstorming and working hard to improve the quality of products so that everyone, from consumers to farmers, to the environment, benefits.

It takes time (years of brainstorming), investment (financial support) and dedication (the passion towards agriculture) to do what we do in different sectors for improvisation. Two of the major sectors where we have continuously yielded results are:

1. Improving the quality of seeds: We are all aware of the importance of high-quality seeds to ensure quality product as promised by us. A good quality seed can mitigate risks of diseases and survive through slightly unfavourable conditions too. Not just that, the quality of sources is directly proportional to the number of products and results in negligible losses. As a research & development initiative, we continuously upgrade our rates with more substantial and resilient seeds that can thrive in challenging environments and lesser care.

2. Increased protection of crops: Crops need to be protected to thrive through all unprecedented calls of nature like heat, drought, floods and every natural occurrence. Not just that, it is equally important to keep your crops safe from insects, weeds and pests that may spoil or decrease the quality of the produce. To counter the same issue, we are continually devising and accepting efficient and inexpensive methods that ensure better protection in the limited care taken. We are also continuously aspiring to reduce agricultural inputs to protect our crops.

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