SL Argo carries a reputation for innovation, transforming our expertise and experience into delivering good quality products, and striking the right balance between health and value for the invested money. At SL Argo, we bring niche products that are grown without any interference of harmful chemicals and unwanted pesticides into the market. Our quality product is the fodder to our ever-expanding supply chain along with the networking that keeps us going. With the excellent technique, and innovative agriculture methods we deliver wholesome products like:


Healthy fruits

With knowledge of soil, you can turn empty land into a fruitful field. From southern India to the Northern Indian, SL Argo is a trusted exporter of healthy fruits like bananas, oranges, mangoes, and others. You name a fruit, and we're already on our way to deliver it.


Fresh Vegetables

If you are from the vegan family, vegetarian family or just a vegetable lover, you would understand that the market consists of multiple vegetable suppliers that are grown with artificial chemicals, which get rotten and stale very soon. SL Argo is here to eradicate the traditional and artificial mechanism of vegetable growing to ensure fresh vegetables on your plate right from your farm.


Protein pulses

Pulses are healthy to eat and easy to grow, and we do it just right at SL Agro. With a schematic approach of agriculture, SL Agro is one of the leading producers of protein pulse, with the right technique of converting the files into a protein pulse growing land.


Nutritional Cereals

Cereals are an integral part of living, growing essential grains can never go wrong in terms of investment and returns, and with SL Agro we ensure the quality and the quantity of the grains to help you with profits and health.



Refreshments add taste to life, and with our experience, we expertise in adding flavour to your life and making good revenues through the growth of refreshments. Right from coffee to tea, our list of refreshments keeps growing enough to suit your taste-buds.


Cooking oil

SL Agro is an expert in generating organic oils without any preservation, which is a primary reason for us to stand firm in the market in terms of quality with investment benefits.



With our skill, we expertise in many other agricultural practices which are profitable investment sectors and revenue generators with massive demand in the market like sunflower, groundnut and many others.

Our mission is to sow and reap high quality organic agricultural products, with the help of knowledgeable farmers, along with modern mechanics and techniques. With the development of society and the welfare of humanity, SL Argo merges innovation with traditional ideas to expand its product list while leveraging its supply chain.

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