Business Bonanza (Supermarket)

“Retain existing customers and increase store visits at your supermarket chain today.”

When we say we have a scheme for everyone, we aren’t throwing darts in the open! The reason why we at SL AGRO have designed a stellar strategy for the supermarket brands who wish to partner with us on our ‘Consumer Bonanza’ journey. The goal is to mutually benefit both the supermarkets and the consumers to keep the balance that aims to promote and empower farmers and cultivation ultimately.

Our Business Bonanza offer is an initiative to leverage business opportunities for brands who believe in the power of good agricultural production and supply. As a token of appreciation in this journey together, we offer our partner brands better cost at bulk purchase that gives them an edge over any retailer or other non-partner brands. When we partner, we keep our gates open for supply as and when needed by your store outlets in the freshest form. As soon as you avail our Business Bonanza offer, you become a source for ‘Consumer Bonanza’ that is an alluring reward mechanism for consumers. All of these factors combined suggest a significant increase in business & sales for your brand and also established you as a brand that empowers farmers & farming.

Some of the critical aspects of the scheme:

  • Cheapest bulk order rates in the market.
  • Increased Sales & Business Opportunities.
  • Exchange options for store products with farm produce.
  • Gateway to Consumer Bonanza, leading to increased business.
  • House to direct farm products at your store.

While there exists no harm in availing this opportunity with zero investment, the list of options keeps rising for your brand with regular updates. So why wait? Join us in this mission to empower and enjoy increased footfall at your outlets daily.

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