When you empower a farmer, you empower livelihoods. When you empower the whole agro industry, you empowersustainability and a better future

Agro Schemes at SL AGRO are conceptualized to inspire a better future for the agricultural industry by empowering the ever-thriving agricultural produce, supply & market. The agricultural industry is one of the most important industry that deserves all our attention in terms of time, efforts & investment for everyone’s sustainability. While we at SL AGRO are diligently putting our efforts, resources, time, research and guidance, our schemes take care of the financial investment needed to run the show.

With a motive to empower the industry, local farmers and the investors, SL AGRO has various investment schemes developed and conceptualised carefully to benefit all.

These schemes primarily focus on investments that will be used for:

1.Irrigation at the field level

2.Expansion of cultivable areas

3.Improvements in farm use efficiency

4.Stabilizing income of farmers

5.Ensuring positive cash & credit flow in agri sector

6.Research & development purposes

7.Innovations & modern agricultural practices

Our goal is to inspire growth & development in the agricultural industry by benefitting our investors with the highest ever returns possible. Our schemes are hence, so articulated to offer attractive benefits, secured investment and good buying options. Right from capital investment to commodity trading to direct buying, we have a scheme each for individuals, enterprises, corporates and even villages. The holistic approach ensures that we do not miss out on any investment that leads to a better future. As veterans in the industry, we also offer you insights to optimize the investment deals in accordance with current industry standards. We at SL Agro believe in transparent business and hence refrain from including any middlemen or brokers. Instead, if you’re a company, an individual or even a big brand, we promise you great returns and a long-lasting relationship with lifetime benefits.


  • Farm Land Acquisition
  • Consumer Bonanza (Supermarket)
  • Farmers Rise (Panchayat Tie up)
  • Corporate Agri Investment
  • Agri Reserve (Direct Buying Options)

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