Initiating Key Agricultural Projects

SL Agro has one of the enormous yields in the market, delivering stocks to major retail chains nationwide and one of the prime reasons behind its efficiency is its agricultural projects. The farming projects at SL AGRO are well-thought and thoroughly researched initiatives to improve the storage, produce, processing, supply and marketing environment for all sorts of ecosystems and regions.

Every agricultural project at SL AGRO is run through the technical, financial, administrative, organizational and commercial aspects directly or indirectly affecting/governing the project taken. While choosing a project, the return ratio, present worth and rankings are all measured and are then, supported by the best-in-class services initiating key agricultural projects. These services include:

1. Farming Assistance: When implementing a new farm, it's crucial to ensure that these farms follow full functional capabilities. SL Agro uses its unique methodologies to consider all possible growth ratios for integrating your farm into the built environment. We walk you through critical decisions relating to farm layout, best production techniques, and ancillary activities to help you with the best project option ultimately.

2. Support Services: With over a decade of experience in the agricultural sector, our experts boast of excellent industry knowledge on farming challenges. Our support services give you valuable insights into the various implications of your projects. For example, we can provide you with data and opinions about growing crops in specific regions, the soil and weather conditions, water availability, and other factors.

And under the expert guidance of industry veterans, one can draw upon an extensive network of experts and the latest technologies related to precision farming and development.

3. Project Development Ideas: Our project development services are conceptualized to kick-start the best agricultural projects and hence include:

  • Field assessment– e.g. identify and quantify the available agricultural landthat is suitable for the project.
  • Schedule evaluation – by identifying and describing key milestones.
  • Propose management team – by benchmarking against similar projects.
  • Evaluate and estimate pest/weed controls and fertilization requirements
  • Identify, evaluate, and estimate the costs of equipment and service suppliers.

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